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Have your urologist talk you through what you can expect to happen from day one when you enter the hospital until your discharge date, including your medication, the type of anesthesia that will be given, the nature of the surgery, the type of pain to be expected, what complications might develop, the length of your stay, and anything else that will help you avoid unnecessary surprises. I suggest that you have a close friend or relative present for this conference so they will be better prepared to help you through this difficult period.

Your doctor should discuss with you the various procedures that will take place, especially the many tubes that will be inserted into your body. If you have an aversion to pills, you should discuss your preference for as small a dosage as possible to relieve pain.

Above all, it is important to think positively and realize how fortunate you are to be placed in a modern facility with an experienced surgeon and a competent support staff. The chances of a speedy and complete recovery are excellent.


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