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At about the age of 13 child suddenly starts alarming appetite for lurid and trashy magazines. He may pore over adult books which are sexy, curious about movies advertised as for adults only and start reading the stories of sex behaviour in newspaper.

Parents should not bother because it is nothing abnormal. Very likely there is nothing more in mind than to satisfy his curiosity about a new aspect of life.

Do some children lack interest in sex?

Children never really lose interest in sex, although from time to time it fades into the background when they deal more pressing problems such as making friends/adjusting to school or find out pleasure outside the home.

What to do if child is not asking any questions about sex?

Even when parents are ready and willing to talk about sex some children feel hesitant to talk and think about sex. Such persons usually consult their friends and keep quite at home.

Do children discuss with their friends about sex?

Yes, they remain keen to discuss about sex amongst their own group. Holding back of information about sex by parents is a poor policy. Child whose instructions are not thorough about sex is defenceless against unpleasant and frightening misinformation.


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