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A few years ago I had a 38-year-old man consult me. He had suffered a minor stroke which had left him with impaired speech and a slight limp. His lifestyle as a stockbroker in the USA had been fast and furious; he took recreational drugs on the weekends and ate mainly takeaway foods. His alcohol intake was enormous as he entertained at lunch and in the evenings most days.

He told me that his father had survived a heart attack at 55. This young man had never had his cholesterol checked and did very little exercise. While he told me he thought he was too young to have anything wrong with his cardiovascular system, the trend is for younger and younger men to suffer from strokes and heart problems, especially if there are hereditary and lifestyle factors involved.

I recommended high doses of coenzyme Q10 (200 mg daily) and vitamin E (1500 IU daily) as well as two hawthorn berry tablets daily.

When I saw him twelve months later he was 90 per cent better. His attitude towards his lifestyle was quite different and he only wished that he had realised the damage he had been causing his body during preceding years.


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