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Abnormalities may occur through fixation upon one of the stages in the sexual response or through an exaggeration or confused development of any one of these. Sexual curiosity, which may come to occupy a central position in one's sex life to the extent of being an obsession, is an example of fixation and exaggeration of the stage of visual exploration. It is caused by the inhibitions of an overdressed civilization and the resulting false association of nudity with sex. Another product of this irrational taboo on nakedness is exhibitionism, or the expression of the sex impulse through exposing the body. Frank discussion of sex in childhood and the abolition of the taboo on nakedness will prevent the occurrence of these obsessions. Sex education even late in adult life is useful in removing them.

Two other abnormalities in the sex response are sadism and masochism. Sadism is a fixation upon certain preliminary movements of the sex response so that much of the energy of sex is concentrated in these movements and they become exaggerated to the extent of injuring another person. The satisfaction of the sex impulse is obtained in a symbolic way. This is seen in the resemblance of certain sadistic acts to sexual seizure and penetration. Biting, as a form of sadism, is developed in a curiously indirect way. In the first place, kissing is not instinctive but develops a sexual significance through social influences. Then biting arises probably as an exaggeration of this indirect sexual expression.

The converse of sadism is masochism, or a sexual satisfaction in suffering pain or in being treated cruelly. Obviously sadism is primarily a masculine abnormality while masochism is feminine, although these are found in both sexes. These abnormalities, like others that we have mentioned, tend to give way before a little knowledge of their true nature, their futility, and their dangerousness. Unfortunately in the blind stage of adolescent development these symbolic means of sexual satisfaction acquire so much force before their sexual nature is realized that they sometimes are difficult to overcome. In most cases, however, a knowledge of the sexual basis of certain acts of cruelty should serve to counteract them. An instance of this is seen in initiations and hazings in which normal persons would be less ready to participate if they knew the sadistic motivation underlying some of the ingenious inventions of the ringleaders.


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