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You will probably enter the hospital the day before surgery or the day of surgery. Routine blood and urine tests will be taken. A chest X-ray and electrocardiogram may be ordered. Some tests may not be needed if they were taken prior to entering the hospital.

Some urologists will recommend that you have two to three pints of your blood stored in the event that you require a transfusion during the operation. In light of the possibility that you could contract hepatitis or AIDS if blood from someone else is used, it certainly is something that you should do. It is not at all painful— it is slightly inconvenient, as you will have to have blood drawn one pint at a time—but it is well worth the time, effort, and expense.

Your pubic area will be shaved in order to help prevent infection. You will probably be advised not to eat or drink after midnight.

You also will be visited by your anesthesiologist, who will discuss the type of anesthesia that will be used. Prior to the surgery, a mild sedative will be given to relax you and to make the anesthetic more pleasant for you.


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