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After her orgasm she still loves to be fondled and caressed by her partner. Post coital period is a time of heightened sensitivity and awareness. This is the best time when closeness and intimacy can be developed between the partners. Woman will, like to have gentle word, a kiss or an embrace.

What is the physiological response of orgasm in male?

The pulse rate becomes fast, may go upto 100 to 150 per minute. Systolic blood pressure goes up by 40-60 millimeter and diastolic blood pressure rises by 20 to 40 mm of Hg. Respiration rate goes high up to 40/minute.

There is vaso congestion and contraction practically of most of the muscles of the body.

Does pleasure of orgasm depend on the quantity of semen?

Yes, greater the volume the more pleasurable the process is. This is more marked if sexual act is done after a gap of 3-4 days. First orgasm is more pleasurable due to amount of semen than the second ejaculation. Urethral sphincter muscle contracts at the interval of 0.8 seconds, expelling the semen in 6 to 8 consecutive spurts.

What are the main differences between male and female orgasms?

In case of male there is ejaculation while in female there is no emission.

Male is quicker in reaching an orgasm, its duration is short/and returns to normal very quickly while in female orgasm lasts much longer, is. slow to come and slow to come back to its normal phase.

Female experiences variety of orgasm in intensity and duration as compared to the male i.e. she may have orgasm of short duration or an explosive one of longer duration.


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